• Kadie Alpers

How I got out of the 9-5 funk

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Just a couple of months ago I felt like I was in a rut. I was feeling exhausted and uninspired while at work. I knew that not only was achieving my potential at work, but also affecting my energy and motivation outside of work as well. I now have so much more energy, am more inspired at work, and am feeling better after work. There were a couple of ways that I got out of that 9-5 funk

Change your environment

When I first started my current job, I was spending every day in the same tiny office where I faced a wall. Not only was my current work environment not good for my best working self, it made everyday feel like the same. The next thing that I requested from my supervisor was to switch up my working locations. I now work 2 days at our Flint location, 2 days at our Grand Blanc location, and 1 day from home. This change of scenery makes everyday feel like a new day where I can take on a new challenge. Also, an extrovert, it allows me to interact with different people and also allow one day where I can really focus-in on projects.

Change up your schedule

Although, this isn’t an option for some, slightly adjusting your schedule can have a huge positive impact on your motivation. This is most beneficial in the winter months when our daylight tends to not last beyond the 9-5 hours. I switched my typically 9 - 5 scheduled for a later 10 to 6 schedule. This allowed me to have a little more time in the morning for a morning routine and a little more time with the sunshine. This of course, could go the opposite way with starting work at 8 and getting out by 4 and enjoying an extra hour of sunlight after work.

Create an attainable morning routine

After months of rolling out of bed and struggling to get out the door on time, I knew that something needed to change. I tried several morning routines I found online, but they either were too intensive for me or just filled with activities that I was not interested in doing. I eventually developed my own easy morning routine with things that I actually wanted to do. Now every morning I drink a full glass of water, do a 5-10 minute workout, write in my gratitude journal and meditate for 5 minutes. These simple tasks help me feel both physically and mentally prepared for the day in under 20 minutes. As time goes on, I hope to add to this list and develop more healthy and energizing habits.

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